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Acid etched concrete – Flooring is usually associated with something that you put on top of the concrete to cover it. Historically, the bare concrete is not something considered attractive or desirable as a final finished floor. But with acid etching newly developed technology as a concrete floor finished floor late become far more common.

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Colored acid etched concrete has been around for a long time, but never became very popular. They can be added in the concrete mixing plant, or bare floors can be painted after curing. But this kind of finish is generally looking very ugly. However, etching and staining the concrete floor far beyond the colored concrete. Colors and patterns that can be achieved are truly spectacular. Most stains and etching earth tone colors. But a variety of subtle nuances in color are often rich and deep as natural marble or granite. Sometimes even bark or wood look can be achieved with brown, red and yellow.

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The first step in acid etched concrete is to ensure the bare floor is as smooth and free of defects as possible. Any defects, marks, cracks or irregularities will show through in the final floor. Acid staining concrete floors is a lot like staining wood. The penetrating stains and become part of the concrete. This is not just a surface coating. Stain ads to the appearance of concrete and not cover it. So the original concrete is very important. Staining concrete is almost an art form, so you want to give people who do coloring as close to a blank canvas that you can.

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The next step is for the people who do the work of art to test how the floor will react to acid stains and he plans to use. Not all acid etched concrete is the same. It is almost impossible to predict exactly how it will react. He will have a general idea, but testing on the areas that will be under a closet or some of the way location would give him a much better idea of what the final floor will look like. Almost always, a variety of colors of stain will be laid in the pattern of an artist of some sort. So the next step is to lay out the pattern on the floor.

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Then he applies the stain. Generally, he uses a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water and a metal salt. Various types of metal salt will give a different color. The ratio of acidic water will help determine how far into the concrete stain away. Hydrochloric acid reacts with the calcium hydroxide is used in acid etched concrete and slightly etches the concrete surface, which allows the metal to penetrate.

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