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Alaskan yellow cedar – The population and the subsequent construction boom has consumed much of our large, open-grained wood, suitable for exposed beams. Glulam’s is an excellent option. They are an engineered wood product. Many small pieces of wood can be glued together to make a beam of almost any size and dimension. Glulam’s is stronger and more stable than large dimensions milled wood, which is much more likely to warp or check. Alaskan yellow cedar is among the more popular wood choices for laminated beams.

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Glulam’s is an assembly of several pieces of wood glued together. The pressed into a clip and allowed to dry prior to final processing. The final shaping May also grinding, edge or shape or simply cutting with a big chop saw or beam saw. The process is roughly parallels most of today’s engineered wood products, such as technical design panels or engineered truss joists. All are glued, molded, dried and finished.

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Glulam’s come in a variety of sizes for some important reasons. Building systems, many standards. Residential setting, for example, has many standard dimensions. Even standard sizes allow glulam’s be pre-engineered. Being pre-engineered allows designers to specify a particular dimension, to know what types of loads and how much of the load beam can take without making any calculations. But even the standard sizes are almost limitless when you combine the potential for width, depth (top to bottom) and length. Depth varies from 4 1/2 inches to 84 inches and lengths can span a third of a football field or more. Many manufacturers, in addition to the many combinations of length, width and depth will also make custom sizes. But custom glulam’s are more likely to be their own forms, which can be put up in molds with complex curves.

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Applications from glulam’s can be well understood by understanding the options. Frequently 2 x 6 header stock, which will be hidden in a wall, is readily available in non-engineered sanded wood that is cheaper. Glulam’s can be done naturally, so they are often exposed while other materials such as microloans not show up to open the wood grain. And they may be formed into curves, and complex curves so they can be an alternative to steel.

Alaskan yellow cedar is a coniferous species cultivated in the northwest. It is a conifer. In relation to other conifer species is hard and heavy. It is an exceptionally good woodworking wood due to their straight, consistent grain. It is well suited for outdoor and natural weathering. It may have first gained popularity with the Indians, who used it to chop totems. Builder has long sought Alaska yellow cedar for many of these same properties.

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