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Bankers lamps – The American design of the late nineteenth century was especially appreciated by bankers, accountants, lawyers and workers of offices of the time, mainly because it allowed to have a light spot focused on desktop documents in which they worked. In addition, it is said that the green light that projects has a relaxing effect and no damage to the eye, so it is also very common use in libraries. Lamp green banker Gained was originally created in the United States was initially designed to help bankers count money from their boxes because the focus of light helped this task the in the mid-nineteenth century when George Westinghouse and the Westinghouse Corporation, began to produce and use. At that time with the appearance of the filament bulb, the lamp was modernized and adapted to its electric version. Lamp banker offers a classic design with glass shade dark green hand blown, folding to be oriented and polished brass base large, so that the lamp offers maximum stability.

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Scientific studies have suggested that green is actually perfect for screens bankers lamps color because it inspires creativity, and call this the green effect. Perhaps this is indeed the reason why it is very easy to find this lamp in art studios, galleries, libraries and other places where necessary to encourage creativity and tranquility. This design was especially appreciated to illuminate the offices of bankers, lawyers and offices and offices in general, perhaps because of the possibility it gives to focus the light directly to documents and the relaxing effect of green light and that does not damage the eye, perhaps for it is so it was also commonly used in libraries being known by three names alike although of Banker Lamp is the original

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Bankers Desk LampsSize: 1500 x 1196

Antique Bankers LampsSize: 1500 x 1125

Bankers Table LampsSize: 2200 x 1467

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Electric lamps are bankers desktop illumination has been used since the 1800’s. Traditionally, the shade is made of molded glass with a green external glass or enamel. Alternately shades are available at many online and local lighting stores. Before you buy a replacement shade for your bankers lamps, inspect the bulb and record all information can be engraved or formed into the lamp, for example, manufacturer or model number. Measure the distance between the screws holding the lamp shade in place.

Local lighting stores may substitute shades of bankers lamps. When you shop locally, it is a good idea to bring the lamp base to the lighting store to ensure a correct fit of the lamp shade on the base. If it is not possible to transport the light, bring information about the lamp, as well as photographs taken by light from different angles. If possible, contact the lamp maker for an exact copy of the original shade. To replace a vintage lampshade, contact online companies that specialize in the reproduction or replacement parts for antique and vintage lamps. Use the listed lamp information and measurements to appoint a replacement shade that suits your lamp.

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