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Bookcase with doors – We all have a considerable amount of books in our home. From encyclopedias we helped do chores children to collection of novels of our fathers, technical college books and children’s books. But if we are that we cannot go a day without reading or a month without a book in his hands, collection can become very extensive … and heavy. Some will say that with new electronic books can save space and time course in moving and even money, but those who love books can never exchange their physical and emotional characteristics by bits and bytes. Just thought of smell of their pages, color acquired by oxidation while beauty of its bound when they are old and of course its value almost divinity of his texts to be first editions.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Home Furniture

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Have you ever seen those movies that show large libraries require as high a sliding ladder to access books? This beautiful shelf is a modern adaptation of romantic idea that we all have and we want to see our books piled in stacks for different rooms. A little history; concept white bookcase with doors or rack to which we are now so used, actually appears during Enlightenment when large-scale personal libraries begin to develop, because long before library existed, just remember that of Alexandria. Under a very basic concept we have vertical boards that divide space between them in squares or rectangles with horizontal boards, spaces where books are placed.

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Under basic concept of a solid bookcase with doors, we decided to play with shapes and adopt a sixties design in a dream acid. Thus we have basic grid that will support an extra touch that provides fluidity and organic structure to room. Sinuous shapes, sexy curves provide life not only furniture but space where we decide place, singular detail? Back of this piece a colorful rope that attaches to each tranche of rack is located, but its presence is not free or merely decorative since it fulfills a structural function: prevent lateral deformation.

Books are gates to our imagination, if you do not believe us, just have to read Alice in Wonderland. And if this is true, why not make your place in style of one of many adventures that we provide in its pages? This beautiful bookcase with doors to keep tension of tables that curve gently but tenaciously giving a feeling of a boat with different plants that can be used to place those friends who tell their stories in best way. At first glance it will look fragile but, like bookseller backpack straps, endure any literary storm and wind aft and full sail with our collection will be maintained.

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