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Reclaimed wood furniture – is a beautiful material nature. Its color and texture give a special appearance, full of naturalness. And best of aging in a wonderful way. Why they are so special recycled wood furniture. Select them to your house and see what change. If you’re like me and you’re a lover of wood, this material will like it in all possible versions. No matter the type or color, texture and finish. I am passionate about all forms and shades. That is why I also love the furniture recycled wood.

Posted on January 6, 2018 Home Furniture

Choose modern reclaimed wood furniture to furnish the house is a good idea. It is true that there are now many materials that can be used to decorate our environments, such as iron or glass, but the truth is that wood provides a noble, natural, touch perfect in any decor. Another of the advantages of the timber when furnishing the house is the wide variety of finishes in the world. Tarpaulins, painted, varnished or so bright, etc. It’s the good thing about this so natural and decorative material. Which can take many different forms and appearances?

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As regards how this affects the passage of time on our house, our furniture, the pieces we love, I love the way aging has wood (if it is real wood, of course). It does so with dignity, beauty, openly showing scars over the years and experiences that have lived, without losing any of authenticity.  So the reclaimed barn wood furniture has that special charm that we like. Decorate your house with these pieces of living wood, treated by time and everyday use.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a tremendous idea. Current designs can be simple and modern, but the wood with which they are made shows its age, which is not exactly little. The beauty of these pieces is indisputable, even when sometimes manufactured furniture pallet, a timber of low value, previously always destined for the dustbin. Sometimes they retain their original form and not the original pallets are rolled back to the cabinet in question. And sometimes what they are used to compose the new piece tables are duly cleared and prepared. This is the case of the firm Paletos a Barcelona company dedicated to manufacture pallets recycling old furniture. Tables, dressers, TV cabinets … And not only that, they also make lamps, mirrors and picture frames. Elements that take advantage of the decorative power that has recycled wood.

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