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Elevated pet feeder – Dogs are the most loyal friends of humans and are the first animals domesticated by man. Owning a dog is an enjoyable experience for sure. But to keep the dog healthy and happy, you need to take care of their feeding and daily routines. Recent studies have shown that dogs will have problems swallowing their food properly if the bowl is kept on the floor but it has been the most practiced method for feeding dogs. Dogs are at a risk of choking themselves with food if they do not lift their heads often while you’re eating. The dog will find it difficult to swallow food on the platter held during its axis altitude where the air is swallowed easier when your dog takes breath as he tried to swallow food or water. Lift your head up and down to ensure proper swallowing will be a difficult task. Swallowing air may increase bloating and gas, which can prove to be dangerous.

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Elevated pet feeder for dogs helps to eliminate this problem. This will not only help the dogs to eat without messing up the whole room, but also ensures that the food is swallowed effort without the risk of choking. Elevated feeders will ensure a better posture when the dog eats. Large dogs need to bend your back when you take food from the floor level, which could leave a lot of pressure on their back and spine. With a raised feeder also helps to slow down the pace of eating of dog, minimizes the risk of bloating. An elevated dog bowl will ensure a healthy digestive track of your pet when the food passes into the stomach rapidly while supply from an elevated bowl, making it easier to digest. Make sure to choose feeders to suit the size and feeding requirements of your dog

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Elevated Pet Feeder WoodSize: 1500 x 1125

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Now that your dog is elevated pet feeder need a little play things to ensure a workout. Chew toys are good options to keep them busy and to satiate his curiosity. Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs and chew toys will help you to keep them occupied thereby sparing your valuable furniture carpets and shoes. Select the appropriate chew toy to ensure the best value for money.

The elevated pet feeder often equipped with stainless steel pet bowls. Stainless steel has been the material of choice for food, dairy and brewery industries. It is durable, sanitary, stainless steel and non-leaching. These bowls will last a lifetime. Now, the correct size of an elevated dog feeder should be selected in accordance with each individual dog’s needs and height. Your dog should be comfortable, do not reach down or up while eating or drinking from the dog feeder.

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