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Bathroom curtain sets – Bathroom curtains vary as much as bathrooms. A large, well-appointed bathroom deserves a traditional window treatment with adjustable curtains and maybe an extra curtain. In a smaller or more casual bathroom is a plain Roman curtain or a set of dreamy sheers quite right. For an eclectic, funky bathroom, or one that exhibits its own peculiar style, repurposed or found objects make interesting window coverings.

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In a casual or country bathroom, drape cut off by the simple woven hemp over a bamboo rod or a thick piece of twine stretched across the window. On the other hand, clip vintage linens, as a cutwork tablecloth or embroidered napkins to a clothesline above the window with looped hooks or timber terminals. Alternating bathroom curtain sets of deep lace and thread dried flowers hung from a rod or dangling over a window block the view but not the light, but they complement a recycled or shabby chic design.

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For a child’s bathroom or a formal adult bath, a striped silk balloon curtain is the ultimate elegant window treatment. The color of the stripe should pick up or dictate a main design color in the room, like Burgundy or rose in a pink room with rose accents or deep teal or turquoise in a white room with turquoise accents. The alternative strip is trim color white or cream. For a more daring bathroom decor, using circus stripes green, orange and blue or lavender, yellow and red. An outer bathroom curtain sets are made from the same striped silk or synthetic material pulls the look together, but in a small bathroom, it keeps it from being overwhelmingly by sweeping the striped curtain to the side and by means of a tieback to secure it to the wall.

Roman curtains were made to the bathrooms. The neat, symmetrical folds and unfussy appearance of the curtain when it is down, can work with any design. Try a deeper curtain of the main bathroom color, like navy to a blue and white bathroom or the woods for a green and pink bathroom. Or stick with a white or natural linen with or without vertical limits bands of contrasting color. For a window over the bath or shower stall, spraying clear substance coating on the curtain on both sides inhibit mold and let it dry before installing. A large window in the main area for a generous bathroom can handle a Roman curtain flanked by floor length drapes of synthetic silk taffeta, to pick up a pattern or the strip of bathroom curtain sets.

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