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Artistic weavers rugs – When talking of reasons and carpet manufacturing, they are often divided into three categories: curvilinear, geometric and figurative motifs. There are many reasons frequently mentioned, we will discuss the most common. These reasons can decorate a small part of a carpet or be used as a general reason. From a carpet motif it is possible to see the style and origin of a carpet. The size and colors used also contribute to the answer about the origin of the carpets. The reason is the most obvious and perhaps more characteristic of a carpet. Among the weavers of villages and workshops taken spends much time developing and further develop the traditional schemes that are always drawn first on graph paper.

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Artistic weavers rugs is a traditional fabric of different sizes handmade, densely textured, hairy or smooth, with characteristic motifs for many parts of the country where it is manufactured. Carpet manufacturing is a traditional technique that is transmitted orally and through practice. Men sheared sheep in spring and autumn, while women gather coloring substances, spin wool and yarn dyed in spring, summer and autumn. The work of the tissue is affected during the winter a large family circle of women: daughters learn to knit with their mothers and grandmothers, and daughters with their mothers in law.

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The artistic weavers rugs is made in a horizontal or vertical loom with threads of wool, cotton or colored silk, dyed with natural dyes. Using special techniques to create carpets hairy surface, weavers pass a thread and knotted around the warp threads. Smooth running carpets in various ways with interlacing of warps, frames and frames reasons. The act of cutting a rug looms of particular solemnity. The art of weaving is closely linked to daily life and customs of the communities concerned, and the role is reflected in the meaning of the designs of the carpets and use. Using carpets as items of furniture and wall decoration is widespread, and special carpets are also woven to dispense medical treatment, pray and celebrate wedding ceremonies, births of children and funeral rites.

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The general design of carpets consists of a rectangular engraving background with geometric designs that characterizes all carpets in a symmetrical logic. However, these designs can be varied. In the villages, for example, designs can be pictures of animals. It is normal for the strong colors of artistic weavers rugs enliven many homes. The colors come from natural dyes such as the red poppy flower, yellow or orange and saffron.