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Black and white rug -give the room wonderfully thick, tensile authentic graphics. They created a classic elegance that is always fresh. When designing a room, we often use contrast to add dimension and drama to the decor. To include black and white lines, or buffalo plaid, or a traditional French toile can often provide a structure for all the other colors, patterns, and textures in the room.

Posted on January 2, 2018 Carpet & Rugs

To introduce a contrasting color to the extreme in a room tends to give punctuation to the room, and add a modest, like pepper on a baked potato. It can be a pattern or a solid block of color. A carpet is also there black and white rug are usually taken from animal skin patterns, such as zebra or tiger, or it can be a line, a checkerboard pattern, see tweedy (Berber), toile, or a linear image that actually woven. It can be calligraphy, such as hand writing. How interesting and bizarre is that! There are so many interpretations of this theme, they’re all interesting and decorative, and they are all different.

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Black and white striped area rug is very flexible and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Contemporary interiors often combine black and white carpet and other furniture with brightly colored lacquered furniture, refined metals, patent leather, woven textures and ceramics. Traditional casual settings, such as the use of state of France black and white pattern often enough to keep pace with other patterns and colors.We liked the look black and white rug because it tends to organize and structure the space. That’s why designers often go for a zebra pattern that is always chic and never go out of style. I am an animal lover, so I will never use the actual skin, but co-printed or woven fine and very decorative.

If the preferences you want black and white area rug, but be careful that your room does not come from “cool looking”. I’ll warm it up a bit by introducing a color, even if it is neutral, such as warm gray or beige. This can be a wonderful way to go, and very sophisticated. I would suggest not going with optical white on the walls and wood or even fabric, but instead chose more vivid white, such as ivory or linen. black and white striped area rug is one of the contemporary setting. Also great in a retro setting that looks very ’50’s mod.

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