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Brass arc floor lamp – You’ve always seen this model in pictures and the truth is that you love. It is a solution perfect for your home you are willing to buy. We talk about the arc lamps, so functional and beautiful in equal parts. Want to know more about this particular tool? We tell you a little about the arc lamp and suggest some ideas, so that you incorporate in your home decor. Although we can now see them everywhere in varying prices and materials in its infancy, the lamp arc article was quite exclusive and expensive.

Posted on November 2, 2017 House Ideas

This model was born in the 60s (particularly in 1962), which, watching his lines, not surprising. At that time it became a very different lamp that was seen in revolutionary object shops and shop windows. Responsible for designing brass arc floor lamp were Milanese architects Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, who dreamed of transforming the concept of artificial lighting. His idea was to show that a lamp could become a smooth ceiling lamp, and the fact is that they got it. While it is true that the arc lamp automatically takes us to a whole seventy decorative style, these can be attached without problem to any kind of environments. Times change and materials, too.

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Brass Arc Floor Lamp UsSize: 1200 x 914

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So there are models that incorporate screens, remove metal and create warmer environments. We can thus include this model lamp without any problem in our classic dining room, in our minimalist kitchen or in our vintage bedroom. The brass arc floor lamp can also be great to place in a living room. Consider a light that will fly over our couch and we can use at any time. The truth is that the combination sofa arc lamp is visually perfect. It does not mean that elsewhere not look good, but only need to look at the photos to see this great arc seems made to inhabit the most comfortable place in our home.

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As we mentioned before, the size of the arc depends on the space that counts, but the fact is that the more space we have and bigger this arc, the effect will be much more striking. What you seem to place this brass arc floor lamp on your favorite sofa reading? The light it provides is perfect for enjoying a good book or magazine. Also, if we look good, we can find models in which the light can be regulated gradually. Without doubt, an excellent solution for book lovers.

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