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Coffee table set – Old shutters have character. Rather than give them away, you restore any number of ways around the house. Beat up shutters make great headboards, kitchen doors, wall art and tables. Blinds are ideal for coffee table. The type of shutter can be set in a shallow box with an interesting picture of agricultural tools inside and show visible through the open slats. Dutch weathered look blinds and probably are handmade and must be assessed on its own visible history and charm.

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Instructions: 1. Remove splinters or badly chipped paint the shade with a wire brush. Breathing dust. If the shutter is particularly dirty, clean it carefully with a damp cloth or wash in the yard. Do not remove the character. Just get it cleaned up and snag-free. Old paint can have lead dust and lead does not want in the living room. If you suspect the trigger have been painted with lead paint, lacquer clear coat to seal non-VOC.

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2. Select the modern coffee table set legs. The standard height for a coffee table is 16 to 18 inches.If you are going to use for a lot of buffets, the table can be as high as 21 inches. Hunting for some vintage wooden legs turned in thrift stores. Control flea markets for a table that cannot be saved by the legs of the right height and pull the top but keep your legs. Buy a set of legs of a carpenter online or lumberyard. Try to add legs to the seedy charm of the blind. Remember, when you calculate the height, the thickness of the blind must be subtracted from your preferred height to reach the ideal height legs.

3. Distress and paint the legs before attaching them to the glass coffee table set. Unless they are destroying whole piece under a coat of paint, experimenting with legs of different colors or stains. Pick up a color blind if you have a standard or sample layers of paint. What you want to do with your legs, be sure to take a hammer and chains and other objects so that they age so they blend in with the tabletop. Paint the color of one leg, and then paint on which a different color and, finally, sand some of the top layer of the edges where the table legs could have been used for wear. 4. Screw the metal at the bottom of the blind at the four corners where the legs are squads.

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