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Wagon wheel chandelier – First, cut twenty pieces of floral wire. Each piece about ten inches long. Second, rub wagon wheel with medium sandpaper. This will help to roughen up the surface, preparing wheel painting. Third, place wagon wheel and flowers line pieces on a clean, dry drop cloth. Painting items using white spray paint. Spray in long strokes and creating a thin layer of paint. Allow items to dry. Flip them over and paint the other side. Allow items to dry and then take up if necessary. Fourth, use a medium – sandpaper to create a shabby chic finish on wagon wheels. On the spokes and around the edges of the wheel, gently rub the details. Rub the white paint to peel off, exposing the original wood finish on the wagon wheel.

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Determine how far wagon wheel chandelier should hang from the ceiling, porch beam or tree branch. Add six inches to this distance. Cut four pieces of thin rope which is equal to this revised measurement. Count the number of spokes in chariot wheels. Divide the total number of spokes 4. Tie the end of a rope around a spoke in the wheel. Counting the number of spokes is determined by your former division. Tie the other rope on this oak. Repeat with the remaining two spokes. When you hold the wheel at the ropes, the wheels should sit flat. Sixth, take one piece of floral wire and one of the big-mouthed mason jars. Remove the lid from the jar. Twist the wire around the mouth of the glass. Twist the tails into a small loop. Repeat with remaining jars.

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Wagon Wheel ChandelierSize: 700 x 525

Cut 19 pieces of fishing line. Vary the length of the line, cut pieces measuring between four and 10 inches. Cut one piece of fishing line measures 16 inches long. Tie a piece of fishing line to the wire loop on a jar. Repeat with the remaining portions of the fishing line and jars. Eight, choose the glass with the longest piece of fishing line tied to the wire loop. At the around the middle of the wagon wheel, tie the opposite end of the line. The glass will hang under the wheel when the wheel is held up by the rope leash.

Tie the remaining parts of the fishing line on the wagon wheel spokes. Space jars evenly around the wheel, which creates additional visual interest with varied heights in the jars. Tenth, place a battery-operated tea light candles in each of the jars. To light chandelier, turn on the lights before you put them in jars. Last, hang wagon wheel from a branch or porch beam by tying the rope around the branch or beam. To hang a wagon wheel chandelier from the ceiling, turn four hooks in the ceiling where the chandelier will hang. Tie loops at the ends of the ropes. Attach ropes over each of the hooks.

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