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Contemporary sofas – Having a sofa set can be difficult because of the problems that may arise for reasons of space, but generally, when you have neutral furniture, the sky is the limit. You can add a splash of color with cushions and carpets, and then exchange them at the beginning of each new season. The daily cleaning of our furniture is part of care so that they have a much longer life. While upholstered sofas are the most treated for everyday use are the ones who suffer more so to keep in mind some advice.

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The current contemporary sofas and bring factory certain chemical treatments that make them repel dirt and stains by providing the cleaning, but it never hurts to have some care , if they have cases is recommended to wash them at least every 15 days , and demo pass vacuum , on the same at least once a week. Remove the cover pads if possible. Check the label located inside the covers for instructions specific washing. If you do not, wash with cold water bags and hang them to dry. If you cannot wash the covers, remove furniture pads to clean them is easier.

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As for the dry cleaning can we use foams for upholstery to be applied every two or three months. When you spill something on the contemporary sofas, the stains should be treated immediately because of remaining in the fibers then becomes much more difficult to remove them once they have dried. In these cases the main thing is to rinse the stain with water from the edges inward to not extend it, and then if the fabric upholstery permits should add a tablespoon of baking soda on it or some detergent powder, after a few minutes must re-rinsing, wiping with a damp cloth carefully, keep in mind that if the stain is oily, it is best to use salt or absorbents such as talc, let it act and then rinsed with a damp cloth.

For those sofas made of skin, we suggest using colorless wax or special wipes to clean leather, so it retains its original shine. An effective solution is to rehydrate. How to do it? With a simple soft to avoid damaging the skin and use a cream such as petroleum jelly, jelly hot oil or castor oil, cloth contemporary sofas recover the brightness of the first day. When skin cream used not let the catchy furniture.

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