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Elevated cat bowls – There are plenty of bowls to choose where to put both food and water to our cat, we must choose the best bowl that fits our cat, is not the same bowl of food for a kitten for a grandfather. Within the wide variety of designs and aesthetic more in line with our taste, we must give priority to functionality and security when eating and drinking the cat.

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We can divide the elevated cat bowls for cats according to size and age, security, material and shapes are made, another variety is automatic dispensers, which can be a good choice as a game. Age bowls and cat character: A kitten will require a small shallow bowl cat has enough food for a cat food. Adult cats require a larger cat slightly deeper bowl. The cat food dish should be large enough and far enough to ensure that the cat’s whiskers do not touch the side of the cup when feeding shallow. In each case the feeder cat should be big enough for one meal, but not too large to encourage overfeeding. Cats tend to “attack” their food at each meal need a bowl of cat food that is robust, strong and unbreakable. A plate with a non-slip base should also be considered.

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Security: Cat bowls should be made from non-harmful to health cat safe materials. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Elevated cat bowls should not absorbs or retain odors as this will discourage the cat use. Cat bowls emit chemical odors should be avoided. It should not crack or perish under normal conditions easy to use. Cracks and rough surfaces can harbor bacteria that can result in sick. most common materials: We found great variety in terms of materials, but the employees are the new stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass and as biodegradable. Stainless steel bowls are a good choice, not those made with other metals that can harm the health of our cat.

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They are hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to bumps or falls. Some of these feeders have rubber edges to prevent movement. Some cats do not like this kind of elevated cat bowls, the brightness can be emitted or perhaps a slight metallic taste. Possibly the ceramic is the material used, we have the great variety of formats and designs, they are generally easy to clean, hygienic and dishwasher-safe. Its major drawback is found in falls and possible cracks that can be created. These cracks would be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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