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Charred cedar siding – Cedar is a coniferous tree native to the Mediterranean that produces evergreen leaves that resemble needles. But because of successful cultivation, habitat range of cedar now extends to New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, and the warmer regions of North America. Apart from being appreciated as an ornamental, have distinctly scented three of the tree been put to a variety of practical purposes for centuries. Today, a popular use of wood to produce charred cedar siding, which is considered by many home, building professionals to be of better quality than vinyl or aluminum siding.

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To understand the benefits of charred cedar siding, it is useful to explore the historical significance of the wood used as a natural preservative. Firstly it is very durable and resistant to decay from moisture or insects, which make it particularly suitable for use to construct closets and chests to store clothes. King Solomon apparently valued these qualities also when he chose cedar to build the first temple in Jerusalem. Indians of North America used cedar to make totem poles, canoes and sweat lodges, while the bark given the roofing material. In fact Indians used cedar so extensive that they called the Tree of Life.

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Today cedar plenty used in home construction industry and in commercial buildings. Because of the rich amber hue and even texture of wood grain, conveys charred cedar siding a warm, inviting look to any structure. It also offers a seamless integration with the style or design. Indeed, while charred cedar siding are very popular to use when building new homes of modern design, it is also used to enhance the intricate features Victorian architecture. With a simple finishing stain, cedar natural pigmentation holds up well on its own. However, it includes wood as little resin that it can easily take on other types of finishes, including paint.

These charred cedar siding compounds are also toxic to unwanted invaders, such as fungi and wood-eating insects. Charred cedar siding is also considered to be an environmentally friendly material. For example, most of the wood is harvested and any debris left behind is recycled by nature. It is also a renewable source.  However cedar dating to the mid-1800s that bears markings suspected of being made by indigenous peoples is designated as “cultural change.” These trees and the land they live on preserved under the Heritage Conservation Act for future generations to enjoy.

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