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Cheese slicer wire – The cheese slicer is a knife especially for cutting slices of cheese, it was invented and patented in 1925 by Thor Bjørklund, a carpenter from Lillehammer, Norway. Mass production began in 1927. The main idea that motivated his design was the Guillame very casually used by carpenters. For me the cheese is one of the most delicious ingredients that I submit to the table. But there are so many varieties that often, the hard part is choosing which one is right class or knows how to cut and serve cheese properly.

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Cheese is one of the oldest foods of mankind. The ancient Greeks believed it had healing properties, Atila eating cheese made from mare’s milk, and Romans, great cheese slicer wire, extended their use to all corners of the empire. Throughout history, man has devised different ways to make different cheeses taste and consistency. Many cheeses using traditional methods are currently produced, although the process of development has been greatly improved thanks to technical advances. Cheese, any of them, is nothing more than the solid matter rest when he takes off the whey milk, pressure or cooking.

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Cheese Slicer Wire GaugeSize: 1300 x 1001

Cheese Slicer Wire BoardSize: 1500 x 979

Cheese Slicer Wire TargetSize: 2755 x 1624

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All cheeses are milk, cow, goat, sheep or donkey. The cheeses have different shapes and sizes. To avoid unnecessary waste and make more palatable each piece, it is interesting to use proper technique to cut each type. The soft cheeses Square and moldy, cut into small pieces as if they were a cake. Cylindrical cheeses are cut into two halves. Those bar-shaped or roll, cut into individual slices thicker or thinner, according to the taste of diners. If the cheese slicer wire is shaped like a ball, must be cut in the form of rooms. If it is a large cheese, is first split in half, then a hexagonal piece of half and from this cut, slices are made. A good piece of cheese knows anytime and anywhere.

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It can be served as a main ingredient of a dish as a starter or as a dessert. It is easy to carry and it makes an excellent dish for hikes and picnics, as it also is not broken or damaged. From a simple slice with cheese to a source of assorted cheese slicer wire, this ingredient is adapted to our desires like no other food. It is important to remove the cheese from the refrigerator at least half an hour before eating, since at room temperature is best appreciated taste.

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Cheeseboards are designed to make one of genuine natural stone is for compact marble cheese slicer from laishui county jinxing stone is it is an impressive sophisticated cheese cool surface this page. The supplier on this page. Cheese slicer in coastal maine carved granite perfect slice and gray marble cheese wire spare wires cut cheese board find the marble cheese slicer comes with genuine natural stone for the usa. Wires with rsvps green black marble surface this new england fabricators who provide cheese and granite stone handle wire with genuine leather strong grip handles at. Comes.

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