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Cool basement ideas – Extend the practical living space of a house by finishing basement walls with paint. Adding color to the walls of this often underutilized level turns it from a hodgepodge storage space in a welcoming functional space that could have a family room, a games room, additional bedroom, an office or a creative project studio. Painting basement walls should not be with the expectation of future bubbling and peeling paint remediation projects. To avoid doing the job twice, correct any moisture problems by sealing cracks and holes, basement dehumidification and waterproofing the basement walls.

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When choosing a color palette for a cool basement ideas wall, incorporating warm neutrals and warm colors to contrast the typical cold feeling that cellar as a sub-level space with minimal natural light exposure. A neutral background provides a basis for the basement that can draw in multiple colors and make them work together in space. Warm white, beige, warm light brown and taupe are neutral colors that can make the basement feel like an expansive upper level of the house.

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Color coordinated to the neutral, and with the colors of the furniture and room accents add dimension to the basement’s interior. Add a touch of excitement by painting a bold punch of color on accent wall cool basement ideas. If the basement design is the theme for younger children, do not be afraid to paint the orange, green, purple, yellow, blue or red on the wall. To convert the basement into a more elegant space, painting an accent wall with a deeper-toned color that creates a calming effect in the room.

Use paint colors to define the use of cool basement ideas. Here you have the opportunity to use color in a way that you cannot use in the upper levels of the house. Make colors pop with style and character that you paint accent walls, wall trim and basement structural features, such as columns and beams, to make it extra living space in the basement comfortable. For the laundry, mimicking outdoor sunshine and cool breezes with bright warm shades of yellow and light green, or paint the walls in a favorite color to make the chore of washing something to look forward to. An updated basement bathroom can serve as a guest bathroom, if the basement has an extra bedroom. Paint the walls in a basement suite in warm neutral, or select invigorating early morning colors such as mint green or sky blue, which makes it feel like a hotel retreat.

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