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Rank stucco over the faux rock siding is a way to change the look of a house. If possible, it is best to remove the old fake rock siding. But in some cases can damage the integrity of the walls and is impractical. If this is the case, stucco still be added. Just make sure to establish a new base for the stucco so that it sticks to the side of the house. For best results, apply stucco on overcast days with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees. Rock siding is identical with vintage or old also traditionally of home decoration. But lately combine mid century with modern is common thing.

Posted on December 9, 2017 House Ideas

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This is instructions to covering faux rock siding with stucco. First step you need to create a base for the stucco to stick to. If you choose not to remove the old fake rock siding when you need to create a framework of wood and steel mesh to stucco stuck on the walls. Then install a vapor barrier over the fake rock siding. If you do not do this, because water can leak between the old siding and stucco, creates mold and moisture.

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Nail plywood over the wall, completely covering the vapor barrier and the faux wood siding. At the corners of the house, apply a steel or wood corner strip to cover the faux rock siding. Staple building paper over the surface of the wood. Nail wooden slat distances were 12 to 18 inches horizontally across every wall. Cut the wire mesh to fit over the walls and nail or staple it to the abutments.

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Mix the stucco until it forms the consistency of thick mud. Place stucco wheelbarrow for each application. Spread the stucco over the wall with the help of smooth trowel. See stucco to fill the gaps in the mesh and apply to a thickness of about 3/8 of an inch thick. Use a trowel to dance stucco. Let dry for 24 hours. Apply the next layer of stucco with the smooth trowel to a thickness of 8/3 of an inch thick. Let dry for 24 to 48 hours. Apply the third layer to a thickness of 8/1 inch thick. Apply this coat with any texture you want. Let stucco to cure for 48 hours. Spray the faux rock siding every 6-8 hours with a spray bottle to keep them moist and prevent cracking.

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