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Craneboard siding – Craneboard siding is a specialized vinyl siding product that is based on a solid foam inside the nucleus. Inspect the existing siding for any signs or rot, water damage or other damage. Use a pointed metal rod to poke suspected areas to check for soft spots. Look for any obtrusion’s, such as old nail heads. Remove these obtrusion’s or pound them flush with the siding with a hammer. Replace rotted or damaged siding materials before installing Crane board siding. This siding is not an impermeable moisture barrier over the house. It is important that the existing siding left in place to give your house with water resistance. Clean siding. Remove dust, dirt or mold growth from the siding before installing Crane board siding.

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Run a chalk guideline around the perimeter of the house. Refer to the siding manufacturer’s instructions regarding the proper height above the ground where the siding should start. Measure the distance from the ground. Mark with a pencil. Use a level and chalk line to extend this brand around the house. The chalk line will serve as your guide when you attach your aluminum starter strips. Install the starter strip. Run the starter strip along the chalk guideline. Attach the strip in place with corrosion-resistant nails placed no further than 16 inches apart. Not overdrive the nails, which can lead to buckling of the starter strip. If necessary, cut the starter strip with tin snips.

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Snap guidelines along the inside and outside corners of the house. See these lines when you attach polyvinyl chloride (PVC), J-channels. Drive your J-channels along the inside and outside corners. Place the channels so that the mouth to accept the edge of the craneboard siding panels. Nail J duct, with corrosion-resistant nails are driven at a maximum distance of 16 inches apart. Leave 16/01 and 1/32 nail shafts exposed when you are attached to PVC components to allow the inherent expansion of the material at high temperatures.  Run J-channel around the edges of your doors and windows and along the underside of your roof eaves. Wherever two pieces of J-channel meet, leaving 1/4 inch of space between them.

Install your first course in Craneboard siding. Start at the base of the house and work your way up. Fix the lower edge of the first course in the aluminum starter strip. Nail each panel in place with corrosion-resistant nails driven through the nail slots at a distance of no more than 16 inches apart. Holler 1 / 16th to 1/32 inches of the nail shafts are subjected to allow expansion of the heat. Leave 1/4 inch of space between the end of the siding panel and the rear of the J-channel. Work your way up the house. Interlock the lower edge of each panel with the upper edge of the panel below. Where you have to fit the panels around doors and windows or into the J-channel along the roof eaves, use tin snips and a utility knife to cut the panels to size. Punch the cut upper edge Crane board siding panels with a snap lock tool. Space these heels six inches apart. Lock the punched edge of J-channel along the bottom of the window and along the roof eaves.

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