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Closet door ball catch – can add zest and character to any room in your room. Besides some obvious methods of decoration, such as adorning the door with pictures of your favorite celebrity, you may also consider some more permanent methods of improvement. The following are some ideas to show you how much you can do with color, some small strips of molding and a bunch of creative ideas.

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How to decorate a closet door ball catch; Wash and clean the door to get it ready for painting. Use warm soapy water and an industrial sized sponge to do this. Scrub gently to get any dirt, paint, dust, etc. outside the door. Do not forget to rinse the surface of the door with clean water after the first wash. Paint the door a color that stands out in the room. You will almost certainly want to use a latex based paint for this, but you still have a choice of flat wall paint or a glossy trim color to make the door stand out.

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Paint the door in two different shades. You can use colors that are very close on the color wheel or you choose something bolder and choose two colors that are almost the opposite of the wheel. You can divide the door in the middle with two colors or one color dominates and gets two-thirds of the way down the door. You can also use a solid dark line to divide space or maybe even mix the two colors to create the feeling of an abstract painting.

Paint a landscape on the surface of the door with the artists’ acrylic paint that comes in a tube. The possibilities here are quite varied, depending on your artistic skill and taste. A simple idea that is easy to perform and can see clearly when they are finished painting the door a light blue, then add white clouds in front of the door. If you are more ambitious and with a lot of artistic skill, you can create a complete landscape scene with sky, mountains or hills in the background and a meandering stream or road in the foreground. Paint a pop art scene. This can actually be easier than a landscape, because all you have to do is drag one or two simple objects and use a solid color as the background. Some of the most popular contemporary images that may look good on the door include a cake, a can of soup, a goal, a vase of flowers or a big apple. When you start thinking of ideas for your closet door ball catch, the possibilities could be quite numerous.


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