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Pipe lamps – Is not that so clouded these days everything seems darker? Well today, today we want to give a little light with lighting ideas. Today it’s the turn to these elements we have in every home and go unnoticed the pipes! To do this, we bring you a compilation of lamps DIY made recycling pipes, and their respective tutorials, so you can make and illuminate the corner that you like in your home.

Posted on November 14, 2017 House Ideas

The first idea that we share is a low desk lamp made with two short lengths of pipe a few more angles of 90 degrees of the same material. Continuing with the idea of table lamps, add another pipe lamps this time higher desktop and other finishes that also is articulated! However, if what you want to illuminate or decorate is a small table, bedside table or a corner, we can use this other hand to make this vertical single arm lamp, nice right? As we have said many times, the fusion of styles is part of the current decorative trend.

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Iron Pipe LampsSize: 1024 x 768

Awesome Pipe LampsSize: 855 x 570

Pipe LampsSize: 800 x 641

Pipe Lamps PartsSize: 855 x 570

Pipe Lamps EtsySize: 855 x 570

Pipe Lamps EbaySize: 647 x 425

Pipe Lamps DiySize: 1500 x 1081

Pipe Lamps Unique ModelSize: 1500 x 1017

Pipe Lamps DesignSize: 1500 x 1125

Opium Pipe And LampSize: 1500 x 1166

Copper Pipe LampSize: 1500 x 1000

Pvc Pipe LampSize: 1600 x 1071

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At this time you can find a modern environment with Retro-Vintage lighting without any complex. We can actually say that these types of lamps are the most fashionable pipe lamps now. Retro-Vintage lamps with pipes allow for incredible customization, in addition to that there is already a wide range of standard product, for customized installations offer possibilities that almost no limit. The electrical installation of a house made with pipes seen, is something that recently would have seemed an outrage. Now we can see many samples of how good it is and how easy it is to adapt to this style. In fact allows installing the points of light where you like or where you need most, without needing to do works on the ceiling or wall and then have to repaint.

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Decorations with pipes in refurbished buildings are a fantastic solution. In the case of the baths can play perfectly with the pipes that lead the water channeling and those that carry the electrical installation. Without doing it too recharged can get a very striking effect. A totally essential element in retro-vintage lamps with pipes, are retro-vintage pipe lamps holders. We have to keep in mind that both the light bulb and the bulb holder are the most visible part of the lamp. One application that we love about pipe lamps is lighting in bars.