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Bathroom Ideas Small – Creative use of space is becoming increasingly important as we move to smaller and more compact. Especially in the bathroom where a lot of plumbing must find a place, it can sometimes be puzzling. Here you’ll find some tips on how you do the widest possible sense your small bathroom. Choose smart storage space for decorating bathroom ideas small. High column cabinets are very practical for a lot of stuff in storage, but can quickly create a stuffy feeling. Low cabinets take again more space for the same amount of storage space. You maximize low cabinets you can also use them as a bench by them to work with a few colorful cushions. Moreover, you can hang some shelves. Go always looking for a creative solution when you have to contend with lost space next to the bath, shower or bathroom cabinet.

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Use large mirrors for decorating bathroom ideas small. Mirrors are the best visual cheaters; please make grateful use of it! Place the mirrors in a strategic location so that they reflect as much as possible the natural daylight in the room. Select border-less mirror and let them connect to the furniture or walls. So blurs the distinction between space and reflection. In this bathroom was above and below the sink selected a large mirror. A great idea if you’re not a fan of tiles and you want to give the small bathroom space more sense, want a large shower in a small bathroom then choose best for a glass wall as a partition. With a full wall share the room which does not benefit the sense of space. If you still want some privacy you can provide a matte strip in the glass.

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Bathroom ideas small visually enlarge with color. With the right color combinations can affect the bathroom the spatial effect strong. They also have an impact on the atmosphere. Dare to use a colorful accent. Give you add a color lighter than the tiles. Limit decorative prints and textures to one wall or small planes. Choose reflective paint that reflects as much as possible the natural daylight. Bring color with decorations and bathroom accessories and bathroom looks sterile.

Lighting bathroom ideas small, good lighting is particularly practical in the bathroom, and may also have an influence on the spatial experience. For general lighting on the ceiling make best use of recessed fixtures so that the height sense is not broken. With indirect lighting can enhance the length sense of some walls. By LED strips under the bath or place the bathroom cabinet makes the plumbing airier and makes you more feel.

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