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Chilewich flooring – They are made in vinyl fabric anti-allergic, durable and washable parts ideal for high traffic environments such as hotels, shops and offices. Its use extends to fashion design. A new category of floor and wall covering is woven vinyl Chilewich, which presents the domestic market the stores as a new solution for interior design. It is soft and flexible surfaces but extremely durable and washable once which makes it an excellent material for accommodation spaces, commercial and home.

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Chilewich flooring has textured surfaces that offer personality and impact to those areas where they are employed. Installation is quick and easy. They serve as a coating for floors and walls providing chic and innovative spaces touch. Among its features they are very warm to the touch parts, anti static, non-flammable and extremely quiet impact. Similarly, Chilewich designs and manufactures a growing collection of textiles used for coating tables, windows (blinds and curtains) and furniture for homes, hotels and corporate environments. They are also ideal for fashion designers in search of innovative materials ally.

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Chilewich Flooring TilesSize: 1600 x 750

Chilewich Marine FlooringSize: 2000 x 1500

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In store this line is offered in two forms: rolls (wall to wall) and faience in the case of the floors. The colors are carefully chosen, and often combine different amounts are mixed with metallic tones for a specific brightness. These types of exclusive yarns distinguish Chilewich textiles of all others. Plynyl w2w (wall to wall) with its soft and resilient polyurethane backing, beautifully woven texture and vivid color, was recognized as a coating product truly innovative ground when it was introduced in 2001. The Plynyls Tile (tile) is an engineered product designed for heavy commercial used. It is made with fabrics typical vinyl chilewich flooring attached to an extra strong support. The tile has received a US patent for innovative components.

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Perhaps the development of new materials for coatings created from plant fibers such as sisal, and synthetic com bolon and Plynyl chilewich flooring, which grip less dirt and they are easier to clean, you can make change your mind many of those who now do not dare to put carpets, is suitable for commercial and residential use, with greater durability than traditional carpet and designs and modernist colors and adapted to trends in most current decor resistant materials, excellent pavement cutting-edge designs and a high level for practical use, highlight the bolon and Plynyl Chilewich. The use of materials for pavements as bolon and Plynyl Chilewich.

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