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Alphabetter desk – Everything will depend on your style and the space you have, it’s good to give that unique touch to our place, so we will feel more comfortable and at ease every time we sat down to work or do chores. First we can paint a wall, that if we have the office in our house, we can use our favorite color or a vibrant tone, you can add a picture or put a figure to decorate, if you have the office in your home- decorating a space or wall your taste for example some post or pretty labels (can be printable, look no Internet, there are thousands).

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The alphabetter desk should be tidy and implements you use every day at hand, almost strategically placed, for this I have several ideas, such as having a filing cabinet is very easy to do and very useful especially when you have many roles; you can use cereal boxes and add divisions inside, decorate and paint them as you want. If you want a bigger file cabinet can join three boxes.  You can also use cardboard tubes, decorate and paint to order pencils, anything you want to place on them, you can also use cans. The idea is to use recycled materials to have that original touch and help the environment.

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Another tip is to take some box photograph of what you like and makes you feel good to see it. You can use shoe boxes or add divisions of cardboard to keep everything organized, the can be used to split the objects in your alphabetter desk, you can paint them with different colors or decorate with printing papers. You can also give a very different change to your office making a wall organizer, the idea is to place your tools organized with a unique twist, you can place a mini board or cork and add notes on them to put pencils or whatever we want we can paste small cardboard boxes on the board or cork.

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You can also cover the wall with a piece of some material and add the boxes or divisions that are as shelves to place objects. Glass containers and boxes are our best ally, but we decorate them well so they do not look bad, if you’re somebody who does not like to have many things on the alphabetter desk and use the drawers can add boxes or divisions and placing a label with names to sort the objects.

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