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Dining set with bench – It is customary that in your living room or kitchen may have a space for a large table for several diners or dining room as such. Whatever your case, these tables leave empty spaces, so we would be wasting a lot of free holes we most likely would win for some extra guests. Convert the kitchen in one of the rooms of the house around which family life revolves is trend in kitchen design. More and more households looking to make your kitchen a multi functional space, where besides cooking, whether can eat and dine comfortably.

Posted on November 14, 2017 Home Furniture

Contrary to what many may think, have a kitchen with modern dining set with bench is not a trend reserved for large spaces, but in any kitchen, however small or irregular it is possible to create a dining area. The only requirement is to study the best planning and distribution of furniture. Here you will find various insurance solutions will help you take advantage of the available space, as well as large kitchens with decorative ideas for inspiration when designing yours.

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Dining Set With BenchSize: 1500 x 1500

An idea corner dining set of distribution is to place a rectangular table accompanied by a couple of chairs and a wooden bench in the same space occupied by three people two chairs sit. In addition, it will be convenient to have extra storage areas to store crockery, glassware and linens for the table service. To do this, nothing better than a couple of display cases and these two stoves or any other furniture custom made, an excellent choice to make the most of the space. A wooden bench is a piece of furniture that invites you to share, to chat. With the seat cushions and fluffy support fixed to the wall.

The dining set with bench room is ideal newspaper that features a free table, certainly more comfortable option. In this case, we must bear in mind that, for four people, you need at least one surface of 4 m2. In any case, it is always possible to use a folding model, closed, just occupy site. Extendable tables and folding chairs or stack able furniture are perfect to save space: leave free passage when working and when needed, form a dining area. When planning the layout of the kitchen it is important to locate the eating area at a point where the table does not obstruct the passage, either against the wall or a central island.

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