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Galvanized beverage tub – Galvanized metal lends rustic fantasy to any room. Old galvanized wash tubs metal decorative accessories make interior and exterior, including the dining room. If it were not for DIY-decorated, old galvanized wash tub would be relegated to the backyard or, worse, hidden in the shed. Resorting to his own interior designer and show your wit and style, showing his washtub with pride in the dining room. When looking galvanized wash tubs, focus your attention on specific shops offering antiques and vintage objects. You can find them at flea markets, consignment shops and garage sales. The new models, without any age or patina, are available at hardware stores and farm supply stores. Regardless of the age of the washing Cuba, may be square, round or oval and with or without a support. Galvanized means that the tub, made of steel or iron coated with zinc to protect against corrosion of the surface. In case of artificially try antiques galvanized tub washing, run the risk of surface corrosion and ruining the bathtub.

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Show a small washtub in the center of the dining table as a planter of flowers and herbs, either fresh or dried. When planting fresh flowers, drill drainage holes in the bottom of the galvanized beverage tub and add a dish underneath to catch the water. Plant rosemary with lavender herb garden within a year. Or incorporate the washtub as part of your decorating scheme and change your screen to suit the seasons. Fall pumpkins harvested rest among other pumpkins and spider webs cheesecloth signal Halloween. But the bath can also function as a desktop stand for a small Christmas tree.

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Bust out the washing galvanized beverage tub to add the utility and fantasy to your next party. Fill the wash tubs with ice cubes and bottled and canned drinks favorite to make a beverage bar table that is also easily accessible. Place smaller wash tubs on the floor, out of the way of guests, with water and an assortment of floating candles to illuminate an evening party.

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Never underestimate the need for a tailor decorative drawer. Encourage children to keep their toys, crayons and coloring books in a galvanized beverage tub or use it to store your cushions sidewalk dining area. When the wash Cuba is not in use, hang on the wall as part of its decoration. Place a Cuba washing his stand in a corner of the room and use it to keep tablecloths and linen napkins or use it to your favorite magazines. Create a screen decoration tongue in cheek by placing a plate washed in the washing vacuum Cuba, with or without their support.

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