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Metallic epoxy garage floor – An metallic epoxy coating on the garage floor provides a hard, durable finish. Epoxy paints come in a variety of color options that stands up to grease, oil and other stains. Commercial grade epoxy paints offer the highest level of durability. Standard masonry colors do not stand up to traffic and wear-and epoxy paints do. Epoxy-based finishes are easy to maintain and clean, which makes them a good choice for a contemporary garage floor.

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Remove all items from the metallic Epoxy garage floor. Hanging plastic sheet from the middle of the wall to the floor to protect the walls from splashes and spills. Sweep the metallic Epoxy garage floor with a stiff-bristle broom to remove dirt, debris and dust. Remove stains from the floor with a fat-fighting detergent. Rinse thoroughly to remove detergent residue and allow it to dry the garage floor. Epoxy-based paints to achieve better adhesion on clean surfaces and can not connect with greasy or dirty surfaces.

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Sand the surface on the metallic Epoxy garage floor with a masonry grinder rough surface and expose the concrete that is more porous than the surface. Sandblasting metallic Epoxy garage floor with quartz sand is an acceptable alternative. You can also use an acid-based concrete etching product. Acid-based chemicals require extreme caution and is not recommended for use by non-professionals. Sweep and wash the garage floor to remove all Freemasonry pond and let the floor dry. Fill in the concrete cracks with hydraulic cement. Pour the hardener in epoxy paint for garage floor.

Stir the epoxy-based paint and hardener with a stir stick to blend. Pour the epoxy into a painter’s union. Many epoxy preparations come as two-part epoxy kit. Brush the epoxy-based paint around the perimeter of the metallic epoxy garage floor with a broad brush. Dip a long-handle paint roller with a 1/2-inch nap in the paint metallic epoxy garage floor and of the surplus on the tray. Apply epoxy paint early in a far corner of the garage and rolling roller back and forth covering the floor. Let the paint dry completely, usually four to six hours before applying a second coat. Many epoxy-based floor finish requires only one coat. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing additional layers.

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