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Petrified wood coffee table – Wood, recycled doors, boxes in this web we have made a small selection of original and fun tables. Now that makes very good time, you can use even as picnic tables. Place a rug and cushions, I’ll be enjoying the outdoors! What can we do with the doors if we reform our house? Easy, if what you have is a solid wood door, do not think about it anymore! Make a table with her!

Posted on October 31, 2017 Furniture Ideas

Before you start, you should remove any metal that may have and sanding the door to remove debris from old varnish. Once is sanded, it’s time to fill in the gaps that have become, like the hand, so smooth. Now, it will be easier varnishing color you prefer and spend a transparent layer. Finally, just choose the legs of your table DIY. You can buy wood to make it all the same, or if you prefer a more petrified wood coffee table to move it, you can put some small wheels.

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Keep up super original! Whenever we talk about trunks, it comes to mind an ideal place to store items of furniture. But these webs want you to see beyond. You’d propose to use as tables! Because of the size they usually have, they are perfect for use as table sofa, where you can store all the blankets in summer or your most personal items. Surely you’ve noticed that we love you can enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, in this section we propose a DIY petrified wood coffee table as it is a material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor. These types of tables are easy to make and very economical.

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Just get the pallet with the measures you need and then I sanding, clean and have a layer of varnish, in that order. Once dry, paint it the color you choose. Then only will add wheels or wooden feet, depending on where you want to put. In music shops or flea markets, you can find trunks of artists and singers who carry on their tours and concerts to save the team. You take advantage of it to make your petrified wood coffee table. You can set your wheels to improve their transportation from side to side of the room or the house. If yours is relaxing and Zen touch, you can create this table sculptural style with a wooden box and above board installed.

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