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Brick mailbox designs – Brick mailbox designs your own, indestructible, brick mailbox that reflects your personal style, prevent vandalism, and adds a perfect touch of class, beauty or even whimsy to the home. Remember to choose bricks that match the blocks of the house. Remember to match the shape of a brick house itself. Or complete a non-brick house with an original brick mailbox design. Add lights, planters or other elements to the mailbox format that is desired. Research existing designs and materials. Rita brick mailbox patterns that are pleasing to you when you consider the actual construction.

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Survey the area you are considering for the mailbox. Check to see how a brick structure will blend with the background visually. Measure the space available for the project with a tape measure and record observations and dimensions in a notebook. Photograph space and the background for later use. Check out the existing mailbox patterns online, in books and in exclusive neighborhoods. Ask friends where they have seen brick mailbox designs to find more examples. You see the column brick pattern with flat or arched tops steeped common. Note Quoin corner (brick design with indentations or protrusions), attached planter beds and other additions and shapes. Take special note of the various bricks themselves.

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Remember the general theme of the brick mailbox designs. You can choose a simple, stately columns, a matching house shape, a miniature castle complete with turrets and a form with personal symbolism for you. Decide if you want a multi-purpose brick design. Gauge the desirability of adding a cardboard box or address plaque to the mailbox. Imagine an attached, matching brick planter for flowers, a bird table, a candle or a sundial. Imagine what can make a useful and interesting addition to the design. Learn more about the materials. Research size, shape, color and quality of the bricks. Although most of the bricks are made of clay, you might want to insert glass or stone brick in design. Examine mortar colors and how they match the tile colors. Find out about the actual mailbox liners and efforts and do not forget the different mailbox flags available.

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Drawing patterns on paper in pencil, referring to previous notes and photographs. Take another look to see if the brick patterns complement the background. Choose your favorite mailbox patterns and draw them on graph paper shell. Return to the area you are looking brick mailbox designs with the drawings. Adjust the pattern as needed when you consider the actual implementation.

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