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Eyebrow dormer – Dormers are windows that are cut or out or stretch or a sloped roof. There are several types of dormers. Some skylights are curved whereas others are straight. Dormers can have gaps that are or uneven, sloping, gable or bent, depending on the needs of the ceiling. Dormer provides architectural interest to a home, add sunlight and provide additional surfaces. Eyebrow dormer cut-out window that literally cut the sloping roof. They can be cut completely, creating a right triangle is cut in the roof, or may be partially cut and partially extrusion. Cut-out dormers works great loft-style roof, where the top is mostly flat with sides strongly inclined. When used in a loft style, the inside of the upper floor looks and feels mostly like a normal square room and may have a ceiling height windows, cut-out dormers not interrupt the line of a slanted roof when cut completely. The big drawback with dormer window cut-out is that you cut away square from upstairs instead of adding space, with dormers extrusion.

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Extrusion eyebrow dormer extending from the ceiling, creating more space in an interior space and creates an ideal place for a window seat. His own dormers can provide architectural interest for the outside of a house. Gabled dormers can sometimes provide a home unbalanced if it is placed on one side of a roof with nothing to balance out the other side. To ensure that this does not happen, or add another dormer and symmetrical on the opposite side or include a point on the other side of the house that echoes the style of the dormer, for example, a large headboard, painted in the style of the dormer. Shed-style dormer windows are large skylights that span a longer part of the roof, adding a lot of natural light in more for a superior room.

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Eyebrow Dormer KitSize: 1600 x 1200

Eyebrow Dormer WindowSize: 1812 x 1248

Eyebrow Dormer VentSize: 2952 x 1552

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Eyebrow dormer is generally smaller than they are in the form of a semicircle, reminiscent of an eyebrow, hence the name. Dormers eyebrows are good to add architectural interest to a plain, sloping roof and add natural light in a room. Furthermore, the curve of the eyebrow dormer give a more organic feel to a house that looks boxy or have very sharp angles. High, the eyebrow dormer is a good alternative to a skylight.

An eyebrow dormer adds light and an attractive architectural element to the roofline of a home, but no living space. Arched windows framed in the roofline of a home, and extend outward and upwards only as far as necessary to build out and flash the window in the ceiling. The front of the arched windows resembles an eyebrow extending from the flat roof plane; the curved roof of the dormer eyebrow is covered with a single piece of rolled roofing. This type of dormers can add light to an existing living space.

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