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Contemporary painters – If you are interested in taking a community’s cultural temperature, begins with the art people hang on the walls of their homes. In the world of art, the 1950s marked an era of transition. No longer was limited to homeowner’s idyllic and pastoral landscapes, the ubiquitous fruit and flower still life or Norman Rockwell paintings. New and exciting art movements emerged in agreement with a new way of thinking. Thanks to the lithography industry, could all keep up the work with new contemporary artists on their walls inexpensive, as home furnishings had a tangible boost from this decade marriage aesthetic awakening and pressure advance.

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Modern art took a more tactile turn when contemporary painters began using unusual media and materials to create their original 50s. Jasper Johns, a commercially trained artist who gave up his advertising career to join the modern art revolution, was typical of this decade innovators. Using targets, flags, beer cans and other artifacts, Johns created the masterpiece that was mass produced by printers and hung on walls in homes across America. As a matter of fact, John was one of the first modern artists to create torn paper collage, a technique that amateur artists adopted quickly.

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Abstractionists stepped out of the shadows of the 40th century to affect a large number of tradesmen: sculptors, painters, watercolorists and multimedia contemporary painters. Abstractionists were attracted to the idea of reinterpreting everything familiar, so if you remember posters featuring works by Kandinsky, Pollack, Rothko, Brancusi and Miro hanging from the walls of homes and offices, you know that objects and people regularly turned into geometric shapes. Reproductions of trendy, abstract artwork hanging in prestigious galleries regularly settled on the living, dining and bedroom walls American homes, relegating many a Norman Rockwell painting to attics and basements.

If your first thought when you read the word “surreal” is that of Dali’s “Hanging Watches,” you need no introduction to this 50th century art genre. “Hanging Bells” became the go to wall in the form of large lithographs, of course – for each forward thinkers home and office. Surrealism is the child born of a marriage between avant-garde and the Dada movement, so even if your eye is trained to look for them, it is not difficult to identify the influences of 20th century contemporary painters in both movements. In the 50s, no one would Jack Kerouac readers worth their salt say no to work enigmatic Rene Magritte, whose iconic, faceless man in a bowler hat still art observers scratching their heads.

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