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Farmhouse chandelier – Normally, iron chandeliers farmhouse is installed during repair and directly because of them the entire interior wall-papers to furniture. Decorating a dining room in a farm is a project that use parts of the farmhouse style decor, which is a combination of early American and country decor. Farms are a perfect place to incorporate this type of casual style and it improves the simple architectural lines of many farms. Clean design lines, distressed wood, antique collectors accents and muted color palettes combined to turn a farmhouse dining room into a charming space to entertain family and friends for years to come.

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When decorate farmhouse chandelier paint the walls. Select the overall farmhouse decor theme by painting the walls a muted nature inspired colors, such as sage green, blue sky, wheat tan, white clouds or country red. Adding a touch of gray to the color hue gives a softer look and creates a perfect subdued tone of the background of the room. Choose rustic wooden furniture. Select a distressed wooden, rectangular table for dining space with chairs in an arrow-back or ladder-back design. Farmhouse dining rooms usually include antiques, so choose a table and chair set that has a vintage, weathered look for maximum visual appeal.

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Incorporate wooden floors. Choose distressed hardwood flooring in light or dark shades for a weathered, rustic look to the room. Reinforce country feel with a large, colorful braided rug under the dining room table. Add a hutch. Fill the open shelves with earthenware bowls, jugs and white, old transfer ware dishes or antique stoneware in the shades that complement the decor of the room. Hang a chandelier. Choose farmhouse chandelier in a hand-forged, dark metal in a decorative pattern, perforated tin style or an early American faux candles variety with simple lines for an accent to your dining space.

Select farmhouse chandelier style curtains, such as swags and valances in controlled patterns, rooster pattern or homespun fabrics. Add artwork. Hang framed pictures on the walls of the farmhouse themes such as roosters, cows, barns, sunflowers, sheep or apples. Choose rustic, weathered wooden frames and hang them at eye level for maximum visual appeal and optimal enjoyment.   A painted wood floor is a favorite choice in farmhouses. When the natural wood floors are not in good shape, paint can cover many flaws and give the floor a new look. Paint in a well-ventilated place to minimize paint fumes inhaled.

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