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Adjustable height bar stools – The stools are increasingly popular and used articles as they are very modern and take up little space, bringing freshness, modernity and renewing the environment. They are mainly used in public places such as bars, clubs, restaurants, etc., but increasingly used more for use in the kitchen or living room, next to the liquor cabinet. Breakfast in the kitchen, or make a light lunch next to the bar, is increasingly fashionable. A difference between the seat and the bottom of the table at least 30 cm, would be the ideal seat height stool to choose from. People have different heights, so the great advantage of an adjustable stool is the way it can be individualized to each person, from a child to an adult. They are more flexible in this regard than other fixed.

Posted on November 30, 2017 Furniture Ideas

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With this type of stools desired height through gas lift that will slide up or down according to need, with just keeping the lever under the pressed seat and adjusting the desired height, varying the same will be achieved around 20 cm. It has a cushioning effect and weight compensation. It is adjustable height bar stools but also with 360 ° rotating surface. Seat also padded for comfort. Upholstery of different kinds and styles. A variant is the classic type of bar stool, but also adjustable in height, swivel seat, allowing greater movement without having to get up.

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It is a stool that recalls the style of the seats, but fully adjustable height bar stools, with backrest and armrests. Upholstery synthetic, comfortable, curved and rounded shapes, which offer greater comfort while. Wide variety of colors to fit perfectly to the environment created where required. With the ergonomic shape they have, the body adapts perfectly providing a great rest and comfort. As the rotating stool is rotatable about its own axis. Thanks to its materials are easy to clean and maintain. You only need to spend a damp cloth over the same and remain as new.

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Without having absolutely nothing against the classics stools, while increasing the sale of adjustable height bar stools in the commercial sector. It is a stool that can be adapted to any height and the customer may be more comfortable if you have the height you need. Places where this type of article would not place those who have a little more decorative purpose, such as a foyer or entrance of a hotel reception. These are cases where another style is required.