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Fireplace insert insulation – Fireplace inserts can burn natural gas, propane, wood, pellets, coal and even run on electricity. They are popular because, they are more efficient than a conventional stove, they are easy to clean, and if they are not dependent on electricity, they can provide warmth in case the power goes out. Measurements for a fireplace insert are usually in inches. When you consider the size you need for your opening, there is zero clearance models that can fix just without clearance. To install a fireplace insert, you must have an existing fireplace with a chimney.

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Measure a fireplace Insert, if the fireplace insert is too small, a licensed electrician can pad it with insulation to make it fit better. Measure the depth of the fireplace insert from the point it enters the existing fire pit in the back. This measurement must be less than the depth of the existing fireplace. If it is less, the fireplace insert insulation can be added.

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Measure the width of the insert on the front and back. If it is less than the existing fireplace, fireplace insert insulation can be added. Measure the diameter of the flue. Almost all chimneys hearth is significantly larger than the flue size of a fireplace insert so there is very little chance your existing flue becomes too small. However, a larger stack not effectively ventilate a smaller flue so building codes require that you have a chimney liner installed to fit your fireplace insert that runs from the insert to the top of the chimney.

The enjoyment of a crackling fire in the fireplace on a cold winter evening dampened considerably when reading facts about the stove inefficiency. By convection, most fireplaces suck huge amounts of heat out of the house and sending up the chimney, resulting in very inefficient heating. Fireplace insert insulation is a solution to this problem.

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A fireplace insert is designed to basically turn a fire in a wood stove. The insert seals the opening of the fireplace with a steel plate which has a door put in it. You can then open the door to load the wood and turn it while the wood is burning, keep the heat from escaping up the chimney, and allows you to control the intensity of the surf. Some fireplace insert insulation is equipped with electric fans to help the fire burn efficiently. Gas fireplace inserts abstaining completely wooden can also be installed.

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