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Front Door Locksets – The entrance door is a barrier not only against the elements, but also of intruders and other unwanted guests. Because of this, exterior doors such as the entrance door are equipped with one or more locks. However, a lock does not protect the house unless it is in good condition. A lock may experience difficulty in turning, for example, as a result of several possible causes.

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The first thing to look for when inspecting a front door locksets is the obstruction. A clog is a bit of debris stuck in the slot where the lock latch is supposed to go, or even in the space between the bolt and its transport. The debris can come from a part of the wall behind the collapsing lock plate, or even from a leaf or twig that was blown during a gust of wind, although this phenomenon is very rare. Due to possible intruders you can also place obstructions in locking mechanisms, for easier entry, remove the blockage immediately and ensure the lock at night or when you are not at home to prevent possible theft.

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One of the most common reasons for front door locksets such as a non-rotating latch is a misaligned door. The door sits evenly on its hinges and when it is seated normally, it will line up with the regular door lock and bolt. But if the door moves down or up in any degree, the alignment is interrupted. When the door is properly aligned, the lock screws do not fit into the holes and the locks will not turn. Aligning the door back into its hinges can solve this problem and make both locks easier to turn.

In many front door locksets you will find a set of glasses. These vessels hold the lock from the outside without the key. Once the key slides work correctly, the correct combination of the glasses will rise to the correct height, then try to open the door. Occasionally, these vessels fall out of alignment and may even break. In this case, the lock will not rotate, often neither from the inside nor the outside, because a parasitic vessel in operation is blocking the lock mechanism. A locksmith can restore the reintroduction of glasses and a lock with his original key. This will make the lock spin easily again.

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While many front door locksets are rust resistant on the outside, their inner workings are less protected. These internal workings are also made of metal and, like many other metal work pieces, are held in order to lubricant like graphite. Over time, this lubricant will wear out and can cause the lock to grind as it rotates, or become difficult to turn. Replacing the lubricant will usually solve these problems.

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