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Glass coffee table – adds an elegant touch within your living room. Glass coffee tables come in an array of styles, so you‘re sure to locate some that you complement your residence decor. Select a glass table having a sculpted metal base or dark wood for any sleek look or perhaps a woven rattan base to provide your living room a beach vibe. If have the ear of a small living room, select a glass table with a transparent acrylic base, which takes up less visual space than any other materials. Place a runner plank over the coffee table top to add a decorative touch as well as protection for the table’s glass surface. Select a runner to coordinate with the overall look of the living room. Pick a vintage lace runner for a table with an antique cherry wood base or a seashell-patterned runner to a table with a rattan base.

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Display plants or flowers on the glass coffee table to add a new look. Place milk vase filled with pink roses near a corner of a coffee table with a vintage style. Accent a rustic table with a wrought iron base with a plant in a terracotta pot. Set the pot on a saucer to protect the table from water damage. Place decorative beverage coasters on the table to prevent ripples on the surface of the table. Select hand-beaded coasters with a floral design for an artistic look or ceramic tropical fish-patterned coasters to accent a casual, wicker-based table.

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Glass Coffee Table RoundSize: 1199 x 747

Glass Coffee Table DecorSize: 1773 x 1338

Glass Coffee Table TopSize: 1604 x 1069

Glass Coffee Table TargetSize: 1773 x 1338

Glass Coffee Table SetsSize: 1200 x 800

Set conspicuous hardcover books on the glass coffee table, which is aptly called coffee table books. This is usually great books with striking jacket design and feature many photos or illustrations of the subject. Selecting books that reflect a hobby or interest, such as architecture or beaches, to instill in the living room with a personal touch. A great book on the angle slightly off center, or stack some books in order, from largest to smallest, and damn them to display a portion of each cover.

Just as a coffee table marble is a glass coffee table timeless and easily furnished. Another advantage of a glass table is transparency, a glass coffee table does not light up, and it looks like it will not take up any space in the room either, it melts so to speak, into the other furnishings. A coffee table in glass is fragile and hard. A glass coffee table is also difficult to keep clean all the stains and fingerprints are visible inexorably.

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