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Goodman evaporator coil – Air conditioning evaporator rollers build up dirt, mold and debris resulting in decreased performance and increased energy use. Inspect and clean your air conditioner evaporator rolls annually before the hot season begins to prevent damage and possible failure of the system. Use a foaming HVAC cleaner home and hardware stores for minimal time and effort. The foam breaks down the dirt and wash out, which results in clogging and dirt without rollers evaporator A basic heat pump consists of a device that uses electricity or any other power source to move the cold air to warmer places or warm air to cooler places. To work properly, the heat pump systems include a refrigerant, or chemical that can absorb and transport heat. In many systems, the heat pump is the main Freon refrigerant used. Although it is best to have a plumbing professional levels refill Freon in a heat pump, you pay attention to certain symptoms that may be signs that Freon levels should be checked.

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A compressor that runs too frequently or work longer each time it is initiated by the heat pump, is a clear sign of low Freon levels. When the Freon levels have dipped inside the Goodman evaporator coil compressor must work harder to achieve the same heating effect. Compare the compressor pump driving system compared to a similar system in better condition, or compare the playing time of your compressor when the system was in better condition, if you happen to know these times.

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Low Freon in a heat pump system will reduce the ability of the heat pump to regulate the temperature of the goodman evaporator coil. As a result, condensation may form on the heat pump evaporator coil and will freeze over at lower temperatures. Check the manual for your heat pump to learn the location of the evaporator coil and all procedures related to the inspection of the evaporator coil.

Although not directly related to low Freon levels, increased costs on your bills can indicate problems with your heat pump system. Low Freon makes the compressor and the entire heat pump system work harder, increase energy, and either your gas or electricity costs.  Many of the symptoms associated with low Freon levels even lower compressor efficiency or a frozen goodman evaporator coil, will contribute to improper heating of the heat pump. Check the thermostat found on your heat pump system and compare it with the actual temperature of the area is conditioned by the heat pump. Low freon levels can contribute to a slower than normal heating or temperature levels never reach the desired result on the thermostat.

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