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Front door colors – Evidently they sell out to buy a beautiful doors, new and have spent a lot of money to change them, do not think much interested in these ideas to paint and decorate front doors, but for those who have doors of their old, ugly houses, outdated … by passage of time, these ideas to paint and decorate front doors we have prepared, they can serve, and much, for inspiration. Let’s see.

Posted on October 27, 2017 Doors & Chairs

Normally doors usually have moldings in center creating frameworks within it, a beautiful and original way to paint is to use these frameworks to give two different paint colors. This other idea to front door colors brick house, is just what I meant at beginning of article, which said that doors are, together with walls, elements of a house that can decorate together to create a beautiful decoration. Doors and walls form a very successful decorative combination.

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Another idea to decorate a door is changing color and adding a pair of horizontal stripes of another color, here everyone to choose their favorite colors clearly. As an example, front door colors with tan siding at foot of these lines, painted in pink, with two horizontal stripes in silver. Very modern. If we want to hide or disguise it door with environment, we can paint walls like. This option is suitable when we want to get some perspective or visual increase in stay.  If ours is art and creativity express we like and we have a clear idea of what we want, we can also do a door to decorate it.

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Sometimes it goes or paints to decorate, if not look at another example in which they have been added words painted in black to a white door and result is spectacular. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, modern, edgy, you can choose to door. Result is a door with a most elegant finish, as we see at bottom of these lines. This other idea besides original, is great for small apartments, idea is simple it is to front door colors same color as walls creating a space with a sense of unity that makes visually appear larger. But for those who believe, think or not to carry out these ideas to paint and decorate doors because they are too … difficult, there are other ways to decorate a door in a much easier and no less effective, such as , put them a strip of vinyl in a color contrasting with door in middle and result is a completely new and different door.

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