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Aluminum directors chair – We have commissioned a pair of director’s chairs and, taking advantage of the passes Pisuerga Valladolid, we tell the curious story of this furniture that despite being popularized by movie stars has a much older origin. For one example: Did you know that in ancient Rome used it important personalities and intentionally made uncomfortable to remind its users that their position was temporary?

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And the Egyptians used folding stools and, from there, every civilization has been putting its bit to get us the commissioning of new upholstery for a director’s chairs happy couple. It really is not a luxury or expensive furniture, it is a simple and lightweight fabric or leather aluminum directors chair that can be folded and easily transported or stored but from the beginning it was destined for use by people in charge. From the pharaohs, through Roman magistrates and senators, to reach Hollywood directors. What will the chair when I sit in I want to invade Poland?

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It seems that everyone sees him advantages to the chair and after caidita (jaaarl) of the Roman Empire, begins to popularize religious abbeys of the High Middle Ages because the monks are very practical so that if now I pray and not I sleep, if I now wear the hair shirt, that if now patatín if patatán now. Through the Silk Road expand throughout Asia, little eye the data was not Ikea invented the first folding furniture consumer. In Spain we create our own version called Jamuga chair, again a symbol of power. With the Industrial Revolution and mass production, the American company Camp Furniture wins Gold Medal in 1832, the prize for best design, the model appearing director’s chair that we all have in mind. Aluminum directors chair are characterized by being created with scraps of fabric seat and back, a way to make up the chairs and give them an uneven appearance.

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The mixture of fabrics and colors give much color and joy to our environment. If we are creative and we do well handicrafts, we can even dare to customize some chairs that we have in our house and we do not know what to do with them. Undoubtedly patchwork chairs are a fun and very decorative option. The composition of the seat and back can be found in fabric, polypropylene and patchwork, among others. It is a model of aluminum directors chair with a design inspired by the native.

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