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Alternating tread stair – Stairs serve an essential function in a multi-level home, but are also a visual focal point in home design. Coordinate the style of your stairs to the aesthetics of the overall design of your home to create a consistent look. If you want a design classic wooden staircase or an alternative contemporary look, the design options are huge staircase. You are sure to find one that fits within the guidelines of your style and budget.

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Traditional stairs offer a delicate balance of function and design. Traditional alternating tread stair includes a wooden frame and railing with enclosed stairway. These steps generally have near the entrance of the house, making a visual focal point for the whole house. If you are considering traditional stairs to your home, experimenting with various construction materials balusters and handrails. For example, wrought iron balusters may include twists, scroll flourishes or ways to add character to the stairs. Even traditional wooden balusters can include carved details that add a bit of elegance to a simple ladder. If space allows, consider a curved staircase that creates a graceful arc near the top. If traditional stairs has heavy traffic, consider aligning the center of the stairs with a bright carpet runner or stamped both preserve the stairs and give rise to pedestrians.

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Add a bit of contemporary style with modern design of the staircase. Alternating tread stair contemporary designs incorporate unexpected materials minimalist staircase for dramatic effects. Many contemporary designs include open staircase structure in which the stairs appear to float without an enclosure. Consider simple block stairs rimless lips or contemporary design details. Instead of or balusters iron supports, opt for stainless steel as a metal accent. For a really modern twist, replace rails and railing posts with taut wires in place. The latest in contemporary and minimalist design is floating stairs. Floating stairs directly to the support wall and seem to float without a support structure. Choose warm woods with distinctive wood grains, such as alder, cedar and maple, along with stainless steel hardware.

Spiral alternating tread stair is ideal for limited space in square feet. The vertical design uses space efficiently reducing the size of its foundation and footprint. Spiral staircases in all, a series of step platforms attached to a central support post and spiral upward to create stairs. Spiral staircases can be adapted to a variety of tastes and styles. For an elegant spiral staircase, select wooden platforms in a cherry stain darken around a support pole textured wrought iron. Choosing the bars wrought iron railings and polished wood. It blooms in the balusters and handrail adds a sophisticated staircase decorated for detail. If your style is a little more modern, try a support pole brushed steel with a spiral birch, oak or maple clear platforms or clear stain. A simple corresponding handrail supported by steel bars spaced brushed maintains very clean and minimalist design.

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