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White bookcase with doors – Building professional bookshelves takes time, patience, practice and a lot of extra cash for approximately you can build your own bookcase with some spruce timber that will not cost you an arm and a leg. You will still need patience, time, but you can do without the experience and the lot’s of cash part. Just take your time and remember measure three times and cut once. Old interior doors have a wonderful vintage appeal and are a great salvaged material for building a bookcase. This project calls for three doors, which need not be of the same design, but should be similar in size. Any salvaged door will do, but a bookcase made from old interior doors from a family home would make a very fine heirloom

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Trim and square up the doors by means of a table saw, so they are perfect rectangles and the same size. Most hits in older homes were not quite he. In fact, some old interior doors cut with a sloping bottom or top. They should be directed to make a white bookcase with doors. Using the table saw cut the length of a door into five equal parts. These sections will give you three shelves and the top and bottom of the rack.

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Build a white bookcase with doors, Use the second interior door to make the pages of the bookshelf. To determine the width of the pages, add together the depth of the shelves and the thickness of the third door. Add the third door down with more cosmetically appealing side up. Stand length of the bookcase sides next to the length of the bookcase again. Rum and drill five pilot holes through the sides and into the thickness of the back using the drill and bit. Secure the sides to the back using the 3-inch wood screws.

Ideas for build white bookcase with doors position one of the five cut lines between the sides in the bookcase and flush with the top of the back. Drill two holes through the sides and into the thickness of the upper portion on one side of the case. A hole must be against the back of the shelves, and one towards the front. Select positions in the rack to place your three shelves. Draw a line across the depth of the pages on each site. Space to “L” brackets right under each brand lined with a console 2 inches from the front of the case and the other 2 inches from the back. Secure the bracket to the sides, so that the horizontal side, at the top extends into the rack. Sand prepares rack painting. Paint the whole shelf including the “L” brackets.

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