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Indoor invisible fence – Most people install their indoor invisible fence in their property (the inside of the courtyard and the property line). The lines are planned in advance, usually by pulling out the property (or with the help of a map of the home) on a piece of paper. The drawing plan will enter the indoor invisible fence guestbook to be installed about 3 meters away from the street and any underground cables. The lines must remain at least 2 meters apart (or the signal can be countered by the other thread). Position of the transmitter installed anywhere inside the property, such as the wall of a garage.

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Install an indoor invisible fence to keep your pet from running away. Indoor invisible fence send a little shock through a receiver in the puppy’s collar when crossing the property line. Teach your puppy to respond to this shock by backing away from the invisible fence. Once you have completed your training, you should be able to let your puppy loose in your garden without fear of your pet run away for joggers or cars traveling on the road.

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Put your puppy on a leash. Walk to the edge of the electric field. Turn and quickly go back to the middle of the yard. The puppy will follow you. Praise him when he does. Lead him firmly to the middle of the yard if he does not follow automatically. Continue to do this five times a day until your puppy automatically goes back into the yard. Go to the edge of the electric fence coupled with your puppy and a friend. Have you friend continue walking away from you. If your puppy is friend, it will be shocked by the collar. Lead him back into the middle of the courtyard, and then praise him. Try this in several different parts of the border five times per day until the puppy ends after your friend over the invisible fence.

Stand at the edge of the fence with your dog on a leash. Have a friend jog by. See if your puppy is. If he does not, try the same exercise with a bicycle, and later, with a friend in a car. Continue to train your puppy with greater distractions until he did not rush over the fence when crossing the temptations of the road. Focus on a distraction at a time. Take the leash to your puppy. Spending time with him on the farm, see how he reacts in different distractions and passers. Observe the puppy from inside your house. Watch to be sure that he does not run over the fence when you are not clear at present.

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