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Halo recessed lighting – There are many types of lights you can install in your home, with the various lights that serve different purposes. Recessed lighting is often used in areas where a pendant light can be an obstacle, such as a drop ceiling or in a soffit. Another place where recessed lights can be useful in a sloping roof; the lights can be left in the ceiling near the bottom edge without a fixture hanging down. A brand of recessed lighting that is called Halo.

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Install halo recessed lighting retrofit on a sloping roof, Use a stud finder to locate the rafters in the area where the lights are installed, as well as the placement of the studs in the wall where you install the switch. Draw the outline of one of the light cans on the roof of each location where the lights are installed. The lights are placed between the rafters. Cut a hole in the roof at any place with a drywall saw. Keep an old work electrical box on the wall between the studs where you install the light switch. Run the pieces of 12/2 electrical cable between the location of your main electrical panel and the hole for the light switch, power switch, and the hole in the ceiling of the first light, and between each lighting hole.

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Prep wires for the lights by removing two inches of outer insulation of the cable with wire strippers, then take away an inch of insulation from the black and white wires inside the cable. Connect the cables from the bulbs for electric cables, according to the instructions of the Halo model you purchased. Many halo recessed lighting have a junction box that extends from the side of illumination can, so that you remove the cover from the box, and connect the wires inside. Install the junction box in the ceiling, followed by lighting can. Mount the rest of the lights in the ceiling using the same method. Punch out the knockout holes in the back of the old working-box for the light switch, and slide the two wires inside the wall by knockout hole.  Bend the ends of the black and white wires in the cable of a hook with pliers.

Ideas for install halo recessed lighting retrofit on a sloping roof, Tighten the terminal screws on the sides of the light switch until there is enough space to fit the cables. Cut a piece of bare copper ground wire three inches long from leftover cable. Twist the ends of the ground wires in the cables together with the expiry of the three-inch wire that is not connected to the light switch by giving them two or three turns with tongs, then place the connector cover on them.

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