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Bamboo stair treads – Choosing the best floor covering stairs in your home should be easy. After choose the flooring for your entryway, use the same flooring on the stairs. The trend in 2008 to return to the clean look of wood or laminate flooring of carpet and vinyl. The hottest trend in 2008 was eco-friendly products such as bamboo and cork. However, there are other factors to consider when selecting the covering for stairs.

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Those who love the look of hardwood floors, but are concerned about the environmental impact of this material should investigate installing bamboo stair treads in instead. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, which means that it has a very short re-growth period. This is particularly relevant when you consider that most wood floors are made from trees that can take decades to re-grow. Bamboo floors are relatively simple to install, and many homeowners even use this product to update the look of their stairs. Prepare your stairs for bamboo flooring installation. Try away tack strips, using a hammer or crowbar. Sand down any high spots or bits of drywall on the stairs, and feathers. In any excess staples or nails protruding out. Quit your preparation by sweeping or vacuuming the stairs as thoroughly as possible.

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Remove the existing stair edges. This is the material that hangs horizontally beyond the vertical steps to remove riser. For The nosing, cutting them off by means of a reciprocating saw or a circular saw. When you remove the nosing should the tread and riser of each stair meet at a 90-degree angle without overhang? Set your risers. There are the pieces of bamboo flooring that will be installed vertically along the face of the stairs. Take-off the bottom of the steps and cut each piece using your circular saw so that it fits snugly within the staircase. Use a pneumatic nail gun to secure the boards of bamboo stair treads, with nails placed every 6 inches.

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Install your new forefront. For this, use the wooden floors nosing which is tapered along one side to provide a nice finish. Nosing should overhang steps around 1 empty. Start on the bottom step and cut a piece to fit. Steam it in place using your pneumatic fit. Seam rest of steps by regular hardwood floors. Repeat steps 3 and 4, working your way up the stairs. You may want to install a stair stringer or floor trim along the bottom of the steps to improve the appearance of bamboo stair treads, but this is optional.

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