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Space saving furniture – In a matter of decoration, less is almost always more. So you need more space to store our belongings not always mean that we have more square meters. In fact, the key is to exploit intelligently the space we have at our disposal resorting to ingenious solutions that do not sacrifice comfort and good taste. Uses the space of the ladder. If you have a staircase inside the house, is likely to take up much space so a good idea is to place a cabinet underneath this, you can double or even library closet. This way you not only fix the problem of storage but also you will be giving a more personal to your home decor touch.

Posted on September 11, 2017 Home Furniture

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Install a wall table. This is a particularly convenient option for a desk, especially if you do not use frequently. In this case, the table is placed on the wall, like a picture or part of a cabinet, which only takes up space saving furniture for small apartments when you deploy. Choose bayed chairs. The chairs usually occupy much space so an excellent alternative is to leave out only those that use every day and save the rest. As not always have a place of storage, you can bet on chairs that are assembled together.

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If you want to go a step further, you can buy one of that furniture that allow fit chairs and table so that these practically disappear when you are not using. Opting for furniture that serves different functions. Beyond the classic sofa bed there is an incredible variety of furniture that have several functions and will save a lot of space saving furniture you. For example, there are boards that double mirror, revolving doors and become a table tennis or sofas that unfold to become a food table with their respective benches.

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Take the walls. It is not that restoratives walls to such an extent that the room becomes claustrophobic but you can take advantage of the space intelligently these provide. For example, you can place a picture that acts as jewelry or install shelves in the corners to get a space that is normally empty. You can also use the space saving furniture behind the doors by placing brackets or organizers. And if you want to go a step further, there are practical clothes horses that are perfectly suited to the frame of the window and you can display only when needed.