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Direct Vent Fireplace – Direct vent fireplaces provide heat by pressing a button or the flick of a switch, without smelly fumes or smoke back down the chimney draft. Vent fireplaces sometimes do some different sounds than people are used to from a traditional fireplace. A direct valve fireplace does not require a chimney and can air horizontally out a sidewall or vertically to the ceiling. The vent fireplace also has a fully enclosed chamber that is highly efficient. The front glass is porous, allowing radiant heat to enter the room.

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Modern direct vent fireplace can be a wonderful choice for rooms where a traditional fireplace is not practical or possible. Apart from offering clean warm and cheery glow of real fire, a direct valve fireplace saves space by furniture can be placed directly on each side with “zero clearance.” This simply means that while heat radiating front glass sides is safe for combustibles to butt up against the firebox. Modern vent fireplaces can also be optionally recessed into a wall.

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Direct vent fireplace pros & cons: pros of vent fireplace ineffective. A vent fireplaces are vent pipe actually contains two tubes, one inside the other. The outer tube draws air from outside the home into the fireplace to help ignite the gas while the inner tube directs exhaust outside. In fact, some vent fireplace models are efficient enough for use as an oven. Con of vent fireplace is cannot burn Wood.  Vent fireplaces are suitable only for gas fuels such as natural gas or propane. The design does not allow for fuel wood. If you prefer sights, sounds and smells of 1:03 to 4:00, you cannot enjoy a vent fireplace.

Causes of a vent fireplace Noise; First the “Bump” Sound. Many people wonder what bump sound is happening a few minutes after turning on the vent fireplace and a few minutes after you have turned it off. Because the device is made of thin-walled stainless steel, extends the metal when it is heated and contracts during cooling, which causes metal to bend and sometimes do a “bump” noise. This is a normal part of the fireplace operation and will happen whenever the fireplace is used. Second, blowing Noise. Whether you realize it or not, most vent fireplace comes with a blower fan is factory set to automatically turn on at a certain temperature.

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