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Roll up doors – To enjoy our roll-up door in perfect condition, we must first be able each of the components of this. We all make the mistake of grease blinds with lithium grease thinking that this will make the best slide closures by the side guides. With this system, all you get is that there is a point where more than improve the functioning of these doors, get what step guides increasingly narrower, because the density of this fat because with the passage of time that fat will adhere soil particles and external elements. If you plan to continue using this fat, you must thoroughly clean before greasing the guide before the new grease.

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The ideal way to keep the guides is to use spray liquid fat. Today it is available at any hardware store, and is much more clean and fast to implement. With a greased every 3/4 months is more than enough for normal use of these automatic roll up doors interior. If you have access to the axis of the blind, ideally also be greased pulleys, but only at the point of friction with the shaft and never grease the springs, since no use because they have no friction with any other element and only you are achieved with time remaining fat also embedded therein. The engine carrying these blinds does not require any maintenance. They are internally lubricated and there is no point to keep as their operation is via a toothed belt which carries no maintenance. If you notice any strange noise on the operator you should contact a professional to check both the door and the operator.

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No need of any kind of oiling, as a rule and if they are quality gates, the guides will come with a doormat or rubber so there is no friction between the roll up doors and the slide rail. The only thing to note in this regard is that the doormat is in perfect condition, and if not, replaces it. The only thing to watch periodically, is that the winding shaft is in perfect condition, because if not it can lead to malfunctions. Pulleys if they must be lubricated every so often and visually check the status of the torsion springs. If I had to correct the spring pressure, it is recommended to go to a professional for the high probability that if you are not used to regulate can lead to accidents.

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