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10×12 gazebo – Building a gazebo cover that is visually pleasing from all angles. If you entertain guests under the gazebo, you will underside of the roof to add ambiance in the room. By using high quality materials and gives the ceiling some artistic flair, you can make the structure of an outdoor room. This type of investment can add some market value of your home as well. Design everything in detail on paper first, so the final outcome is the one you envisioned. You need to draw: 2-by – 6 – inch cedar boards archive Circular, reciprocating, bolts archive Drills, 2 -by – 2 – inch cedar strips, nails, screws, metal contacts / bump archive copper metal paint, 4 – inch screws, electric screwdriver, wooden lattice, stain, paint, jigsaw, exterior – grade wood trim on.

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Show more instructions to make 10×12 gazebo: One, drawing gazebo dimensions and shape so that you can design and construct basic framework for the roof. Cut frame roof from two-by – 6 – inch cedar boards using a circular saw, as one option. Buy board in 12 – foot lengths, so you can build a raft from a single table with minimum waste of wood. Use a reciprocating saw to cut end of each table in a 45 – degree angle to reduce some of the bulkiness of the exposed boards.

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10×12 Gazebo HardtopSize: 1380 x 1042

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Two, install the two-by – 6 – inch boards to fit a header beam running the length of a 12 meter long rectangular gazebo. Connect roofing frame using bolts instead of screws to withstand strong winds. Bolt boards together in a pie – shaped pattern if the gazebo is a hexagon shape to form an umbrella-type frame. Predrilled holes for bolts with an electric drill. Connect the basic framework of the roof cover with two-by – 2 – inch cedar strips. Join rafters across wise 4 – inch space between them. Secure the strips in place with nails or screws to form a visually appealing look through the roof.

Fourth, attach the roof framework to support post for gazebo with metal contacts or L – shaped brackets that do not show from the yard view. Place these brackets inside the structure by painting them with copper metal paint, so their basic stainless steel color not showing. Run 4 – inch screws into the brackets with an electric screwdriver. Fifth, nail wooden lattice over the edges of the 10×12 gazebo after painting and staining it. Apply a coating or a paint that matches the lattice or trim used on other parts of the structure. Cut lattice with a jigsaw, taking care not to shatter it. Cover any raw edges with exterior – grade wood trim to hide them.

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