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Makeup vanity table – With today’s wide range of vessel sinks, that it’s as simple project to convert a dressing table in a bathroom vanity. Whether you choose a new vanity or reuse an antique one is entirely up to you. In either case, the same installation. In order to meet the local building codes, have a licensed plumber install water pipes and sewage pipes for vanity. If the water and sewer pipes are already in place, you are ready to start your project. Sand the surface dressing table with fine sandpaper. Remove any dust with a tack cloth. Mix one part white spirit to two parts polyurethane to make a sealer. Use a natural bristle brush to apply sealer to the top of the dressing table to seal the wood. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours.

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Coat the surface makeup vanity table with polyurethane or other waterproof coating for your choice. Apply polyurethane with the grain of the wood with long strokes. Let this coat dry for 24 hours, and then apply a second coat. Let dry for 24 hours or longer before you continue. Set the dressing table in the place where you intend to place the sink. Remove any back panel on the table to provide easy access to the walls and plumbing fixtures. Remove drawers from the dressing table to give you further access to the back of the table. Locate the studs in the wall with a stud finder. Attach the back of the dressing table to the wall studs with screws long enough to go through the back of the table, the wall, and at least 1 inch of the stud. At a minimum, use the four screws that secure the vanity to the wall. Replace the drawers.

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Place the template for the ship sink’s hole on top of the makeup vanity table. Mark the location of hole on the table top. Set the template for faucet is hole on the table top and trace around it. Cut holes in the toilet table top using the appropriate size hole saws attached to a drill. Set faucet’s gasket in place on top of the dressing table. Place faucet through the holes, and be sure to stop the gasket under the tap. Fasten the nuts that come with the faucet to the threads in the table, and tighten them with a wrench.

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Makeup vanity table, attach the cold water supply to the cold water faucet. Do the same for the hot water pipe. Tighten the connectors by hand, then rotate a quarter turn with the wrench. Attach the opposite ends of the supply line to the wall plugs, pull in the same way you did the tap contacts. Roll a pencil-sized piece plumber’s putty between your hands to soften it. Slide drainage device in the drain hole and place it on putty. Secure the drain assembly with the nut in the mounting kit tightens it with a wrench.

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