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Extendable dining table – If you like entertaining a large group of people with a dinner but do not have enough to accommodate a large table space, why do not extensible? This type of tables can be kept small for everyday use, with a capacity for 4 to 6 people, and expanded to accommodate 14 or more.

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This is instructions make steps extendable dining table: Make a removable top that you can easily remove or put on the existing countertop and you can save when you’re not using. In this section you can expand the capacity of a table of glass, ceramic or wood because it will not need to alter or cut. This technique is used by convention centers, hotels and restaurants in case they need to accommodate large groups who want to sit together.

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Measure the width and length of the existing extendable dining table. Based on this measure, make a counter adding 18 inches to each side. If it is a square or a rectangle, adds 18 inches on all four sides. To round or oval shapes, adds 18 inches around the perimeter. Place the measure or dimension on a piece of plywood or MDF (wood medium density fiberboard). This type of wood MDF is ideal, since it is light and easy to work. Plywood is thicker, robust and heavier.

Trace the shape of the new counter based on the measurements obtained. For a circular shape, you can use a tied to a piece of thread pencil. The thread must be the same along the circumference of the counter. Then, while one of the wires ends in the middle, moves around the pen to draw the circle. If it is too large to make the line, you can nail the end of the thread in the center of the wood and move to the other end to draw the circle. Cut the tops round or oval with a circular saw or a portable. Use a table saw for square or rectangular. Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

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Varnish or paint applied to the surface of the worktop with the same color of the wood of the extendable dining table existing. If you’re using cloth every time you have an event, you can leave the natural, unfinished. Try the size and robustness of the counter. Depending on how large compared to the existing countertop, you can use additional support or staples to hold it in place and prevent it from tipping over while you’re using.